Tequisquiapan Tourist Attractions

Tequisquiapan is considered the Center of Mexico, which counts with a monument that makes such distinction. Once you arrive to this destination you will be surprise from the numerous resources for resting and entertainment that “Tequis” offers you. Next we recommend you visiting on a tour some of these interesting sites:

Opal Mines

Here you can observe how a vein is picked, extracted, polished and made opal jewels, a precious stone extracted from this mine.

La Peña de Bernal

This is the second highest rock mountain in the world. Reaching the top is a true challenge; however, once you reach the top you get the reward appreciating the beautiful view of the picturesque town of Bernal and the rest of the landscape.

Wameroo Zoo

This zoo is known for being one of the few ones with white tigers, although of course features a great number of species both endemic and exotic.

Uxdehe Geiser

Hot springs which flow out of the center of the earth with temperatures of up to 68° C; the water is regarded with healing properties.

Archaeological Zone of Ranas

It is assumed that the Chichimecas were who built this important ceremonial center, between the years 300 and 1,300 a.c. It is located in the municipality of San Joaquin.

De los Herrera Grottos in San Joaquin

These majestic rocky formations give you the impression to be traveling to the center of the earth. The gallery of natural stone is a fascinating spectacle for all the speleology experts and amateurs.

Toluquilla Archaeological Zone

Near to Ranas archaeological zone, but in the Cadereyta municipality, there is this zone of great interest and attraction as well.

Freixenet Vineyards

The famous Freixenet French vineyards are established in Queretaro, given that since many years ago are elaborated great variety of wines and champagnes. This vineyard possesses an extensive schedule of festivities, which during all year grants us with the opportunity to learn the way wine is elaborated, while touring the main vineyards and cellars. Among its celebrations are featured the Paella Fest and Vendimia Celebration.

De La Redonda Vineyards

La Redonda Vineyards are nearby Tequisquiapan and feature guided visits and festivities all year round, cheese and wine tastings, as well as theater and music events.

Cheese and Wine Museum

Unique in all Mexico, the Cheese and Wine Museum of Tequisquiapan can offer the visitor a tour through the history of these two very important industries in our region and of such tradition. The cheese and wine have always been combined in an exceptional way, through this museum you can see the reasons why they are considered as emblematic in this destination’s way of life.

Yextho Hacienda

Beautiful place full of gardens and natural wonders among vegetation.

Quinta Schmoll (Cactus Greenhouse)

This place shelters and preserves a great deal of American cactus species and other African species. It is an outstanding place; it is totally worth it paying a visit to get fascinated with the plants diversity that can be found over the tour. A mandatory stop is at Wagner Restaurant, within La Quinta in which interior you will be able to enjoy the most exquisite local dishes such as “Prickly Pear” which is delicious and a culinary wonder.