Visiting Tequisquiapan, Magical Town of Queretaro

Southeast the state of Queretaro is located an unexpected tourist destination: Tequisquiapan, town considered as Mexico’s Geographic Center. Due to its privileged location, it is close to a large number of important cities and towns from central Mexico. It is located at 58 km from the city of Queretaro, capital of the state, and at less than 200 km from Mexico City.

Tequisquiapan is a true paradise of more than 300 km2 at almost 2,000 masl, with an average temperature of 18°C that offer the best weather conditions to perform different activities. Its amount of hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment places have a great quality in facilities and service.

The original town was founded in 1551 by an Otomi chief. Since 1656 was baptized as Tequisquiapan, Nahuatl language that means “Place of waters and tequesquites (a mineral similar to salt)”. For more than three centuries most of the inhabitants were natives, which can be seen in the architecture of its ancient buildings, simple but harmonious. Despite the modernity in which the city lives, it stands out that environment mixing old times, warmth, province, free of smoke and loud noises.

A traditional postcard from Tequisquiapan would include the clear blue sky, narrow cobblestone streets, and ancient buildings with wrought iron window frames where rest pink buganvilias, colonial buildings, public squares full of flowers and the slow toll of the bells at dawn. There are places around of the kiosks to relax enjoying a delicious fruit ice cream or a tasty coffee, traditional small town stores, parks and thermal water aquatic resorts.

Among its main tourist attractions are Freixenet Wine Cellars, the Monument that indicates Mexico’s Geographic Center, the traditional Artisanal Market of Vara and Mimbre (rod and wicker), La Carbonera (opal mine, a precious stone) and the temples of Santa Maria de la Asuncion and Santa Maria Magdalena Vieja.

Dare to fly in hot air balloon in Tequisquiapan, to live again the most mystical and scary legends in the nights of Legends Tours, or well, take a relaxing horseback tour. You can also visit all the interesting sites in the surroundings of the city in different tours.

3 hours to the north over the scenic highway the tourist are surprised with the different ecosystems and the ancient Missions declared World Heritage by UNESCO. You will be able to visit the small town of Bernal where is La Peña, the world’s third largest monolith.

It is also said that Tequisquiapan is the “Entrance Door” to the magnificent Queretaro’s Sierra Gorda (mountain range), where one can find very interesting flora and fauna. However, one of the biggest attractions is the Cheese and Wine National Fair, a significant event, not only in the state of Queretaro, but in all Mexico, it has place between May and June.

When you plan a vacation full of relaxation, rest and fun, remember Tequisquiapan, the second most important city in the state of Queretaro, it will be an intelligent option to take advantage of all the capricious resources between the nostalgia of the past and the comfort of the services of the present.